How much does Sentrel weigh?

Sentrel is an extremely durable wall product, yet very lightweight. Sentrel weighs a little over ½ pound per square foot. Our largest panel, measuring 60” x 96”, weighs only 26 lbs.

Will I receive support from Design Imaging?

You will be assigned to a very knowledgeable Account Manager that will see to your every need, especially from the onset of your venture. He will help you learn and understand the online ordering system as well as help you as you get accustomed to learning how to measure and order panels and trim pieces.

What kind of construction background is needed to become a successful dealer?

Many successful dealers are not craftsmen, but are great sales people. Others are a craftsman with a flair for selling. Regardless of your background, if selling is your strength, and you are comfortable going into a customer’s home and selling a new bath system, you will be a tremendous dealer.

If you do not have a construction background, you might have a need to hire a craftsman to oversee the installations. We have found that successful installers have a carpentry, ceramic tile, cultured marble background or at least have the understanding of what square, level and plumb truly are. Sentrel is a very user friendly product and based on basic construction knowledge, has a very quick learning curve.

Can I be trained how to use your product?

Yes, you will be trained on how to sell and install Sentrel Bath Systems. Most of our most successful dealers have come to our facility for a 1 or 2 day training to meet their Account Manager and our Technical Manager in person and to receive a full installation training. Training will include an extensive one on one training on how to install a Sentrel Bath System, as well as the types of tools you’ll be using, and how to build a wide variety of custom parts while on the jobsite or at your shop. Your account manager will also familiarize you with our unique online ordering system.