Why Sentrel?
Looks just like natural stone.
Costs much less than real stone.
Resists mold and mildew.
Easy to clean and maintain.
Installed in as little as 1 day.
Versatile and customizable.
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Color Selection
Click a thumbnail to view a particular photo, as well as a description of the photo, in Lightbox. Inside of Lightbox, scroll through pictures by clicking on either the left or right half of the image in order to go Previous or Next, respectively. You'll be able to see 10 in. detail views of any of the colors, plus full panel views, which is helpful for seeing veining patterns.
Abalone Travertine
Abalone Travertine Listello
Alaskan Ivory
Alaskan Ivory Listello
Blue Sodalite
Blue Sodalite Listello
Botticino Cream
Botticino Cream Listello
Breccia Oniciata
Breccia Oniciata Listello
Breccia Paradiso
Breccia Paradiso Listello
Calabria Listello
Calcutta Gold
Calcutta Gold Listello
Crema Bordeaux
Crema Bordeaux Listello
Creme Travertine
Creme Travertine Listello
Frost Listello
Golden Beaches
Golden Beaches Listello
Mocha Travertine
Mocha Travertine Listello
Oro Travertine
Oro Travertine Listello
Petrafini Listello
Rainforest Listello
Sahara Travertine
Sahara Travertine Listello
Sea Foam
Sea Foam Listello
Vanilla Travertine
Vanilla Travertine Listello
Venetian Gold
Venetian Gold Listello